This website will list upcoming DIY shows in Massachusetts.

This list is being compiled to move away from the current reliance on social media to promote shows and to intentionally exclude corporate venues/bookers. DIY means doing things ourselves for the sake of being creative and building community; it is a rejection of capitalism and profit-driven music and art. Punk shows happened before social media, it can thrive without it.

All shows listed here:

+are happening in the state of Massachusetts, with preference given to Boston-area events.
+are put on by DIY bookers at independent or underground spaces (no AEG/Bowery, Livenation/Crossroads, IHEG, etc.)
+with flyers have a click-through link that will open up the flyer in a new window.
+are all ages unless otherwise noted.

++If a show's venue has an asterisk, that means we don't believe the address is public or easily found online. If you're not sure how to find spaces like this, come out to more above-ground shows, make some friends, and ask around. Some flyers might say something like "ask a punk" -- asking punks for addresses is easy, and you don't need social media to do it. You just need to participate a little! (please don't email us for addresses)

We're down to post *most* shows as long as they fall in line with the mission outlined above. That being said, a listing does not automatically convey endorsement by our collective! If we list something that you have questions or concerns about, (or if you just want to submit a show) please don't hesitate to email us. liveanddiyinmassachusetts[at]riseup[dot]net